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Regents Test Prep Resources: Home

Helpful websites and online resources to help you prepare for the NEW YORK STATE REGENTS exams

January 2017 Exam Schedule

January 2017 Regents Test Dates- Check the dates for your Regents here.


January 2017 New York State Regents

Test Dates  January 24- 27th 2017 
Check the dates for your regents on the linked PDF.  Students must verify with their schools the exact times they are to report for their State examinations. Many schools start the exams at times different than posted on the calendar.

Arrive early and bring pens, pencils and a picture I. D.


Click on the blue link below to print a copy of the January 2017 calendar.

Help for all Regents Subjects

EduSolutions provides quizzes, reviews and more for students and teachers.

Regents Review Live provides helpful videos for science, math, english and history Regents subjects.


Click on the blue links below for these sites and resources.

Go Grolier

The Grolier Online Encyclopedia Database has encyclopedia and magazine articles on all subject, listed with various Lexiles ( reading levels) from 200 to 1000 plus. 

Links and more links: Roads to remember

The Buffalo New York School District has put together a great roadmap of links to Regents success. Explore the links and have fun while you study.

Mr. Klaff, a fun teacher, has created his own songs and funny videos for both the US History regents and the Global History Regents. Rock and roll, the fun songs will really help you remember what you need to know. It's up on the web, for free, for all.


Click on the links below for these resources.

Regents Review Books: Check your school or public library for copies of these books or visit a book store

Special thank you

Thank you to the librarians of the Campus Librarians Network at New Visions for Public Schools for sharing their expertise and knowledge of resources as we created this website on Regents Test Prep Resources.  An extra special thanks to Donna Gray, former Librarian, Bathgate Campus/Mott Hall Bronx High School, Teresa Tartaglione, Librarian, MLK Educational Campus and Ellen Frank, Librarian, Flushing High School.

New York State Regents: Past Exams Including August 2015


Office of State Assessment

Past Examinations

This site includes exams from the most recent August 2016 exam and you can print them out to study.  


Listen and Learn KAHN Academy videos

Did you miss something in class? Do you need another explanation of something taught in class? Check out the Khan Academy site.  Free video presentations on hundreds of topics. Click on the link below to go to Khan Academy.

Regents put to rap rhyme.

My Fresh Prep puts Regents to Rhyme!!! Memorize these rhymes, learn the terms and your good to go!!!

Global history, US History and English Regents review.

Hip Hughes is a great history teacher. Reach out to view his funny videos to help you study U. S. History.

Start your review right away.  Have fun.  Click on the links below to hear the raps.

One of the most cited inks

Regents is the one stop shop for all regents prep. Find basic reviews, old Regents exams and answers.  The site does not provide additional resources. For that look to other boxes. 

Click here:   http://

Sites for teachers